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Although I think a DET\POR deal involving Sheed is the BEST fit for a surging DET team, uninformed (IMO) concerns over Sheed's reputation, and over his contract, seem to make him unpalatable for DET fans. However they seem quite fine with a trade for Rahim. With that in mind here is a possible 3-way trade:

Atlanta trades:
PF Chris Crawford
PF Shareef Abdur-Rahim
PG Dan Dickau

Atlanta receives:
SF Rasheed Wallace
SF Qyntel Woods

Detroit trades:
SG Bob Sura
C Elden Campbell
PF Darko Milicic
MIL 2004 #1 pick

Detroit receives:
PF Shareef Abdur-Rahim (1yr)

Portland trades:
SF Rasheed Wallace (expiring)
SF Qyntel Woods

Portland receives:
PF Chris Crawford (1yr)
PG Dan Dickau (3yr rookie deal)
SG Bob Sura (expiring)
C Elden Campbell (1yr)
PF Darko Milicic (4yr rookie deal)
MIL #1 pick (thru DET)

DET gets the scoring forward they are looking for in Rahim, without having to give up any significant pieces this year, or having to worry (unfounded IMO) about Sheed walking on them for zero compensation. Rahim significantly improves DET chances to win NOW, w/o having to take on any of the well chronicled history of Sheed.

ATL - Gets a large expiring deal for Rahim and another young prospect in Woods for Rahim and unloading Crawford a year early. With the probablity of Terry and Ratliff on their way out soon after, so new mgmt can rebuild team in their own vision. Would be major FA players for the next few years, plus some high draft picks, a nice combo IMO.

POR Gets a young unproven but highly skilled bigman (who is only 18) in Milicic and a mid 1st rounder. The rest is basicaly filler to make the contracts match. However, Dickau is a local kid, a PG whom POR could take a look at. Campell and Crawford both have 1yr left, but don't hurt POR 2005 FA prospects as both of their deals would be off the books when Damon's and Dale's are. Sura's deal expires this year.


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I doubt Detroit trades the Milwaukie pick and Millicic for SAR.

I don't see why they would do that.

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Remember too that Detroit is keen on keeping cap space this summer because of their desire to re-sign Okur.

It's not a bad trade proposal, I just don't see it fitting into Detroit's current plan.
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