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I'll admit, as I start this thread, that I'm bored. :biggrin: That said, last night I had a dream about this season having gone differently. The Blazers had played well enough to have secured the second or third playoff spot. The rotation of Damon, Nick, and Telfair worked out much better in my dream, which was good because nothing changed for DA or Frahm. Anyway, Nick suddenly goes down with a season ending injury and it's clear that Damon and Telfair aren't going to be able to make a strong run without help. What to do? I woke up with the Blazers considering these options:

1. Hope that DA (or Frahm) could bring it together enough to provide 20 or so worthwhile minutes;

2. Dig up someone new for a ten day contract; and most interestingly

3. Bring on Drexler who, now in his mid-40s, was thinking he might have enough to add for a short run.

Had all that really come to pass, much as the third option sounds fun, I'd have to guess that the best options are 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6, in order, with 3 coming in somewhere just above grabbing someone off Craiglist. I am curious to see what others think about this, though. Could Drexler (or someone like him) come back after so many years away and contribute in any meaningful way for 20 some minutes a game or would even guys like Frahm make him (or them) look silly?
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