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His Profile

NBA Comparison: Jalen Rose

Strengths: Top notch athlete with imaginative offensive game.... Very prolific scorer with the ability to handle the ball and passes well.... Can run the point in spot duty.... Shoots the ball well from behind the arc... 7-foot wing span.

Weaknesses: Needs to get much stronger. Doesn't have the strength to play in the NBA yet... Defensively can be overpowered, needs to develop on the defensive end. Shot selection and decision making must improve.

A wizard with the basketball. Handles the ball with more confidence than many point guards. Very polished offensive skills. Scouts are drooling over this guy. Needs to improve his shooting percentage. Has a very good outside stroke. Very adept at taking defenders off the dribble. Without the benefit of a good floor leader, often has to create shots when they're not there. Upside potential is enormous
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