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Possible Magic Depth Chart
PG: 1)Amstrong 2)Vaughn 3)Sasser
SG: 1)McGrady 2)Miller
SF: 1)Hill 2)Miller 3)Garrity
PF: 1)Grant 2)Humphrey 3)Oyedeji
C: 1)Hunter 2)Grant 3)DeClercq 3)Griffith

We have a big problem at the center and shooting guard positions. And it really goes around if we are going to trade Mike Miller or not. PG is pretty settled with the veteran Armstrong, the ball hawk Vaughn and the tall defender/playmaker in Sasser. Sasser might be able to play backup SG but I don't think he should. PF is almost set with Grant, Humphrey and Oyedeji, but for some reason I think they need another big man. And the only other spot is at center

Possible signs at the PF/C
1)Clark would be awesome because I think Grant could play the center with Clark as the 4 helping with shot blocking and rebounding, but how much does he want?

2)Rodney Rodgers would really help, yeah he is small and not good at defense but his ability to stretch the defense could really open the game up for Tracy and Grant to penetrate! Great sign if the Magic have the money for it.

3)Doleac, I would love to see him back on the team, he can shoot a open shot and he is a tough player that can rebound but is not that athletic and I don't know if he is good enough to start.

4)Rasho Nesterovic, again how much will he want in $$$? It would be a good sign though, he can run and rebound, and has a nice post game, but does Orlando want him as there center in the future 5 years down the road?

5)Chris Dudley, I would love to see the Magic get this guy, he is tough and smart, plus he is not afraid to give out a hit, and since Oakley will probably not fit on the team, Dudley will as a backup 5.

6)Robert Traylor, you all know why we would get him, defend Shaq, and he does have a real good upside and is pretty athletic, could put up ok numbers with playing time.

7)Stepania, another bigman that can hit a open jump shot, but I don't think he is what Orlando is looking for

Possible SG/SF signs
1)Raja Bell, great defender and has big game experience, might want alot of money though? But would be a good backup, but again depends on if Miller is here

2)Harpring, again depends on the Miller thing, but if he leaves Matt will be a fine backup that can defend and shoot the 3 ball, and is a great competitor and plays hard all game long!

3)Damon Jones, could play PG or SG, good defender also and is cheap $$$ wise.

Any others????

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Besides Clark, I wouldnt want any of them.

None of them really fill any of Orlando's needs, except Clark.

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gary trent is a PF trapped in a SF's body.. he's too short to really play the 4.
roders is a "big" guy but he's also too short to play the 4.
doleac is not a strong player and is a wuss cuz he's a shooting bigman that cant get a rebound to save his life, plus he's signing with NY
nesterovic is really slow.. but i guess you could say he has "great hands around the basket".. PASS
chris dudley is old and crappy and oakley would fit better than dudley..
traylor is a big fat overpaid guy that still hasnt played to his original potential
raja bell wouldnt fit our offense at all... he's a short/small 2 guard
harpring is singing with chicago

clark would be most logical signing and maybe even oakley.
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