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It has been brought to the attention of the administrator of this board that posting of complete articles from the newspapers from sports writers is infringing on the copyrights of that writer. I was the worlds worse about that! So as of today i will stop doing that. I thought it was only articles like the insider where you have to pay to read them But Ron told all the moderators a different story. Here is what he said:

<b>No, you cannot post the entire article. That is copyright infringement, and it is against the law.

Post the link, and post snippets from the article to enhance your own opinion in the post...

...AND, ensure this policy is enacted consistently on all your boards...educate your membership, by letting them know consistently and repeatedly how the copyright law works and how it is instituted on this site! Thanks!</b>

So from here on out i will edit all articles posted that are the complete articles. Yes i know i was the worse one here doing that. But i will stop that as of today.
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I'm going to admit like a man that I'm wrong.........On realgm and bullsnews I paste article which I think how the copyright works is along you don't sell those articles and don't give yourself credit but I guess I was wrong.

Oh well......
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