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Last Week for the first time in the LB era NBA.Com's analysts finally gave us respect and put us in Number 3, baring our latest slump surely the number has slipped but they still have respect for Chris Webber's offensive monstrosity this year:1 Detroit (1)
8-1 You're bound to get up-ended like Detroit did in Dallas, but you'd expect an 8-0 team to put up a better fight in its first loss of the season.
2 San Antonio (2)
9-2 The Spurs aren't too far removed from a throttling of their own at the hands of the very same team as the Pistons, but they did go 3-0 this week.
3 Dallas (5)
8-2 You win seven-of-eight with big wins coming at the expense of both of last year's NBA finalists and you're bound to move up in the rankings.
4 Cleveland (6)
9-2 Cleveland's won all six home games this year -- by an average of 20.5 points -- looking like the team most people expected after all their offseason acquisitions.
5 L.A. Clippers (4)
8-2 Coach Dunleavy says he's not surprised by the team's franchise-best 8-2 start … We can understand not being surprised by a good start, but 8-2? Seriously, 8-2?
6 Philadelphia (3)
7-5 Webber's logging nearly 40 minutes a night while Iverson is seemingly averaging that many points (okay, 31.8). The Sixers close the month with three of four on the road.
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