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Assuming that the changes mentioned only count in that situation (the reserves dont play the reserves). predict the record of the following teams.

-devin harris
-marquis daniels
-jerry stackhouse
-keith van horn
-eric dampier

San Antonio
-nick van exel
-brent barry
-michael finley
-robert horry
-rasho or nazr (whoever is in pop's dog house this week)

-gary payton
-derek anderson
-jason kapono
-antoine walker
-alonzo mourning

-tony delk
-carlos delfino or lindsey hunter
-maurice evans
-antonio mcdyess
-kelvin cato

-mo williams
-charlie bell
-tony kukoc
-joe smith
-dan gazduric

-earl boykins
-julius hodge
-dermarr johnson
-reggie evans
-fransisco elson or nene

phoenix (assuming starting five with amare remains same)
-leandro barbosa
-eddie house
-james jones
-tim thomas
- kurt thomas

IMO dallas would be an above .500 team
san antonio would be 35-40 wins
miami would be 35-40 wins
detroit 30-35 wins
bucks 25 wins
denver 30wins
phoenix 35 wins

those dont sound very impressive, but considering they are second tier, i think its remarkable the depth some teams have when other teams would kill to have them in the starting 5
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