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Detroit (8-6, 2-2) at Butler (5-9, 1-4)
Edge: Butler

Butler got out of its slump Thursday night and reminded teams that it is still a power in this conference, whether the record says it or not. Though Butler probably doesn't have what it needs to make a title run this season now, it can still make a comeback and end the season at a respectable mark. If you look at the 3 conference teams that Butler lost to, their combined overall records at this time are 28-17 and conference records of 15-1. Butler's 4 losses have come at the hands of the top 3 conference teams. We'll see where Butler truely fits in these next few weeks.

Wright State (7-8, 4-1) at Loyola (6-8, 2-3)
Edge: Wright State

There are two ways that you can look at this game. The first starts if you believe that I'm wrong with what I said about Butler. If I am, then Loyola was destroyed Thursday night by a weak Butler team. If that's the case, Wright State will definitely have a good chance to win here. Otherwise, if you think that I'm right about Butler, than this will turn into a good fight that could go either way. After seeing what Wright State has done in these last few weeks, I like to believe that, while they don't have what it takes to be a championship team, they do have what it takes to make a good run in this conference.

Cleveland State (4-11, 0-4) at Illinois-Chicago (11-6, 2-3)
Edge: Illinois-Chicago

Well, now we have what appears to be the most one-sided game of the day. I've wanted to believe for a while that Cleveland State is a good team that just needed a win to get going again. Looking at their opponent today, though, it doesn't look like they'll be breaking that losing streak. All Cleveland State needs to get going again is a good quality win against even a bad opponent. I think they'll give UIC a good game, but it will go to them in the end.

Wisconsin-Milwaukee (10-5, 5-0) at Wisconsin-Green Bay (11-4, 5-0)
Edge: Wisconsin-Green Bay

This one will have a lot of explanation to it.

Looking at season stats for this one won't do you much good, because those include the stats from the start of the season for Green Bay. In my opinion, Green Bay is past those stats. Ever since they settled on a starting lineup, Green Bay has gone 10-1, with the lone loss coming against Wisconsin. They've been shooting better and their defense has picked up, especially in the last few games. Turnovers have dropped and the team is performing at a higher level.

For Milwaukee, a powerful offense has been their key, so far. Once they get started, they don't stop. To stop them, you can't let them start. They've scored around 80 points a game, but have allowed about 73 a game. That doesn't mean they don't have a good defense, but the heart of this team is in its offense, and more importantly, in its starters. The starters for the team score at least 80% of the points and, more specifically, three starters score about 60%. Though they have a large roster, only about 8 players have steady playing time, and the rest getting a minute or two a game.

Green Bay has only been tested heavily a few times so far. In the last 11 games, Green Bay has faced two big opponents. Wisconsin was too much and stopped the Phoenix easily. Troy State, however, wasn't able to do that. Though they had a higher-scoring offense powered by 3s, a team that handled the ball and controlled fouls well, and a player that could easily dish out assists, they were not successful against Green Bay. The reason I bring up the Troy State game is because the play styles between Troy State and Milwaukee are very similar. They both use a high-scoring offense with a press defense to play.

Milwaukee has had quite a few wins so far, but not too many impressive ones. Their best win, in terms of RPI, has come against Detroit at home, but I even am questioning Detroit right now, and how good they are. On the road, the best opponent they have beaten in a true road game has been Valparaiso at 208. They have had some close games on the road, but no good wins yet.

The same can be said for Green Bay too. Their best home win was against Troy State, and the best away win was at Wright State. I do not want to say too much about Wright State yet, because they are starting to come around. Troy State, though, has proven themselves both on the road and at home. They had a bad loss against a non-division I school, but they have also had some good wins, their best against San Diego State, a team with an RPI of 85. In terms of quality wins, Green Bay has had the better ones.

It looks as though Green Bay has the advantage here, even if it's only because of the home court. This game is critical to the Horizon League, but even more critical for Green Bay's chances of taking a title. I think that they will not have an end to any streaks here.

Youngstown State (4-11, 1-5) Off

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Detroit-Butler: Detroit, too much defense for Butler to get past.

Wright State-Loyola: WSU, Loyola seems lost at the moment, WSU on a roll, game will be close though.

Cleveland State-Illinois Chicago: UIC too much talent and I heard rumor that Coles and Waters are not eligible the rest of this year.

UW-Milwaukee - UW-Green Bay: UWM, I do not think Green Bay is a top three team in this league yet, they will have to prove me wrong by beating UIC, UWM or Detroit first for me to believe.

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Butler-UDM....UDM! Butler lacks a big man which is key to their game plan.

Wright St-Loyola... Loyola! Wright State starts three freshman. On the road sounds like trouble.

CSU-UIC...UIC! UIC isn't good. They lack size and depth. CSU is a mess with Badiane out(broken hand} and Coles and waters academic casualties.

UWM-UWGB...UWM! UWGB still has too prove they are a top team. If they make the Resch center sound like Lambeau field they can upset here.
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