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Since there's only one game on Wednesday, I'll put the predictions together. Some reasons, but mainly predictions. I'll have some more explanations up tomorrow.

January 14th

Texas-Pan American (5-10, Indep.) at Wright State (6-8, 4-1)
Edge: Wright State

January 15th

Loyola (6-7, 2-2) at Butler (4-9, 0-4)
Edge: Butler

This game, I'm not too sure about yet. Butler is returning to Hinkle Fieldhouse after its winning streak there was snapped. The question is, will the fans still support Butler? I think they will. I think Butler is going to snap its slump here.

Illinois-Chicago (11-5, 2-2) at Detroit (7-6, 1-2)
Edge: Detroit

I'm not sure what to make of this game right now. Detroit has already beaten UIC once, but Wright State just beat Detroit at Detroit. So, that leaves me with two possibilities. Either Detroit had a sudden drop in skill, or that Wright State may have a great conference season, and UIC is too overrated. I choose to go with the second option.

(This matchup is odd...they played a week or two ago, didn't they? Maybe the Horizon League is screwing up schedules a little.)

Youngstown State (4-10, 1-4) at Wisconsin-Milwaukee (9-5, 4-0)
Edge: Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Youngstown State just came off of a big win at home against Cleveland State, and now they are going to try their luck at UWM. I don't see their luck holding.

Cleveland State (4-11, 0-4)
Wisconsin-Green Bay (11-4, 5-0)

Saturday's matchups
Detroit at Butler (11:00 CST)
Wright State at Loyola (1:00 CST)
Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Wisconsin-Green Bay (1:05 CST)
Cleveland State at Illinois-Chicago (3:00 CST)
Youngstown State Off
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