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Wednesday's games

Indiana-Purdue-Fort Wayne (IPFW) at Butler (Non-conference)
Edge: Butler

Youngstown State beat them, so why can't Butler? This should be a game for Butler to build itself up again after that close loss on Saturday.

Loyola at Wright State
Edge: Wright State

Both teams got back onto the right path Saturday with wins, and only Wright State will probably stay on that path. Loyola probably built up some good confidence with that win, but playing at Wright State will be too tough for them.

Thursday's games

Wisconsin-Green Bay at Cleveland State
Edge: Wisconsin-Green Bay

The only game out of these in which the away team will probably win. Cleveland State only has an opportunity to win one more conference game this season, and that is when they play at Loyola. By that time, Badiane should be back and Cleveland State can hopefully get a win.

Youngstown State at Detroit
Edge: Detroit

The streaks for these teams are correct, first. Youngstown State has won three straight, and Detroit has lost three straight. I think that those three losses will be a wake-up call for Detroit, and they'll rebound back at home to get a win back in the win column. If they don't, then I don't know what to think about Detroit anymore.

Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Illinois-Chicago
Edge: Illinois-Chicago

-- Critical conference game --

UWM can't keep winnning. Eventually, they are going to lose, and this is probably their toughest road game that is remaining. UIC has finally come back and started winning conference games, and have been on a bit of a roll since the UWGB game. This will be a game to watch, and I think it will be one that UIC will come through and show why they were predicted to win first in the conference.

The only reason I put this as a critical conference game is that this game could decide whether UWM goes undefeated in conference or not.
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