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--Projected Stats Based On Comparisons From NBADraft.Net--

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Jay Williams - 21.9ppg
Caron Butler - 18.3ppg 6.8rpg
Dajuan Wagner - 26.7ppg 4.5apg
Jared Jeffries - 16.6ppg 8.4rpg
Curtis Borchardt - 15.7ppg 10.5rpg
Marcus Haislip - 14.9ppg 6rpg
Kareem Rush - 11.9ppg 3.1rpg
Chris Jeffries - 10.4ppg 3.4rpg
Carlos Boozer - 13.7ppg 6.5rpg
Rod Grizzard - 10.2ppg 4.4rpg
TayShaun Prince - 13.5ppg 4.9rpg
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are these converted NBA stats? Because i don't see Dwagz gettin 26 ppg playin Small gaurd He'll Face Opponets like kidd,a.i,gp and i just can't see him gettin 26 ppg
I agree

with theMatrix... first thing I saw was Wagner for 26ppg.... not as a rook, no way. In fact, I think all the projections are too high for rookies.... except maybe Haislip. His type of game might get him more NBA points as a banger and put-backs on rbs....

Wagner MIGHT average 26ppg in some season of his career, but no way as a rook. He MIGHT have the highest average of all rooks from this draft, but I don't think he'll average more than 16-18, (and if he did average 16-18, that is an excellant rookie year). The season is too long, the competition is loads better than anything he has seen, and the vets will not want him going off on them, and depending upon which team he goes to he might not even be a starter for the first half of the season....

There is no way that 11 rookies will score in double figures in their first year. And there is definitely no way that two of them (Williams and Wagner) will be in the top 15 in scoring.

I hope that these stats are what they are projected to average in their 5th season or something, because if it's rookie stats, they are way off.:no:
It's Projected...

From what thier comparisons averaged. I took the minutes thier comparison player there rookie year and divided it by the mpg played by the players in thier college season and multiplied it by thier averages.
that's cool

I see what you are trying to project, but it is also not very realistic... especially for a rook or even a 2nd year player....

not sure if there is any way to project.... too many variables, including what team a dude goes too. You KNOW how many players bust, and how many don't show-up til their 3rd or 4rth year, and how many players just EXPLODE.....
you guys:

its based on the nba

dajuan wagner is the next AI scored 26,7 ppg in his 1st year

that is what he is saying

what they are projected to be and what the guy there projected to be scored in his rookie year
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