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Proof You Don't Need To Know Sports To Be A Sportswriter!

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Read this article and tell me this guy knows's a different game in a different era, Royce, you numbskull! :mad:
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You're both full of it!

You're both full of it!;)

That article was right on. You're Laker fans. Of course you're going to think that somebody that writes something bad about your team is a total moron. But everybody else in the league and the fans agree with Royce. Everybody else is just sick of the crap that they let Shaq get away with. And more NBA fans follow one of the other teams, than the Lakers. So why is it so ludacris to want the refs to call the same game for everybody? There was not one part of that article that was off at all.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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