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Proof You Don't Need To Know Sports To Be A Sportswriter!

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Read this article and tell me this guy knows's a different game in a different era, Royce, you numbskull! :mad:
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i think coolhandluke is right,with all the respect i have have for the big guy.
shaq isnt talented,nor is he good at the game,his a force,a giant but a little quicker than most giants,he couldve played a linebacker even better.
i bet he havent work on his game once in his life,and if you compare him to the allen iversons or t.brandons that there out there,its a joke,you know how much they had to work to play like this??????
but unfortunaly,its a part of the game,his dominent,not good.
and about wilt,he was so so so much better then sahq,and he was also talented,you say you so him play,then you know thet he got a pretty good j' from midcourt,and a hook shot and every thing,but he had a clear advantage and phili and la used him for that,but he certainly knew how to do other things.
so if it comes to wilt or shaq?!?! its pretty much a no brainer.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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