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Quentin Richardson on his way to Chi-Town...?

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Jay Williams may be a poor imitation of a pure point guard, as many attest, but there's no doubt about his ability to play the game. Having made that concession, I still say he's an imperfect fit, a conflict waiting to happen; neither Williams nor Jalen Rose are entirely happy and effective unless they're dominating the ball.

By now, everybody pretty much accepts the Bulls will tag Williams No. 2 in the draft. OK, then why are the Clippers, who openly covet the Duke of Durham, trying to move up to No. 4 by offering Nos. 8 & 12? Do they have designs on someone else at the slot, or have they been told, if you get that high we'll flip flop No. 2 for No. 4 in exchange for Lamar Odom, or Darius Miles, or Quentin Richardson?

I would do a deal of Q and #4 for #2 in a heartbeat... This would be a great deal for us! :yes:
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Who would we take with the 4th pick? I would take Butler


This lets Rose play the position he wants to play,
this gives Bagoric and Curry a chance to see what their made of by splitting time at center.

We have room for 5 more players
We also have Hoiberg/Norm/Guyton/ and 2 draft picks

Either Butler or that Woods. Either one i think would be fine.
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I would want miles over Q as well but I dont think Krause wanted Miles, and I think Miles and 4 has better value than the 2 pick. i dont think LA would do that
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