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Quick's article on Darius Miles

These two points stood out to me as incorrect. Am I right in questioning them?

He said he has been a good friend of Zach Randolph's since the two were 10 years old.
Nate Bishop's article has the full quote, which says they've known each other since the 10th grade.

Miles plays a leading role in the movie "Perfect Score," which premieres next Friday. Miles plays one of five college basketball players who come from different backgrounds to form a team.
Isn't this movie about 5 different high school students who try to steal the answers to the SAT? I'm not sure it has anything to do with basketball. I could be wrong since all I've seen are previews. But that's the sense I get from the previews.

Anyway, if I'm wrong on either or both of these points then I apologize. But it seems to me - from where I'm standing now - that somebody dropped the ball on checking facts in this story.

Quick might simply have written down "since 10" in his notes and misinterpreted it later as age 10 instead of 10th grade (an easy mistake to make), but when the amateur (Nate Bishop) doing it on his own time gets it right, I guess I expect the professional who is being paid to "be our conduit to the players" to get it right as well.

They are nit-picky little things - I know this. But it just speaks to credibility and dedication. Maybe I'm making too much of it, but I find it hard to respect "expert opinions" on issues that I have no first-hand knowledge of when I'm correcting information that is given on issues that I do have knowledge of.

For example, I had a teacher in high school for "Income and Money Management". Her primary job was in Home Economics, which is not an issue in and of itself. What was an issue was that she was teaching information that she really didn't understand herself. On the second day of class, she told us that the National Debt and the National Deficit were two terms used in our textbook to describe the same thing. I raised my hand and corrected her, and ended up explaining to the rest of the class the difference between the two figures. Other events such as this arose over the course of the semester (Thank goodness it was only a one semester class!). Needless to say, the teacher and I did not get along simply because I didn't respect her. I regret my attitude now, but I was 16 years old and a little headstrong at the time.

I find this situation to be similar. I've found myself correcting Jason Quick on a number of issues where his column or his chat conversations are factually in error, and even I - someone who follows the Blazers and the NBA in general simply in my spare time - can identify them as errors. So when he's speaking on issues where I have no first-hand knowledge (ie, what will the Blazers do with Darius Miles at the end of the year?) and he is simply speculating, doubt arises in my mind as to whether or not to "trust" his opinions.

:getting off my soapbox:

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Actually you are correct on both counts...

Also I watched most of the different news channels on Wednesday say that Miles was probably brought in to be packaged with Rasheed before the deadline...

It pays to do your Homework, otherwise you need to steal the answers to the test questions.

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Originally posted by <b>Schilly</b>!
.... say that Miles was probably brought in to be packaged with Rasheed before the deadline...
The only way Darius can be traded before the deadline is to be traded on his own. He can not be packaged with any other Blazer in a trade, until the season sends for us.
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