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Quincy Lewis Interview ( (1-14-04).

You were released by the Timberwolves last month. Did you see that coming?

Quincy Lewis: No, I didn't see that coming.

How did you take it?

QL: I was disappointed. A lot.

How are you adjusting to the Spanish league?

QL: It's been good so far. I've played just a couple of games, but it's been good so far.

This is your second experience playing overseas. How was playing in Israel last season?

QL: I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed it a lot.

What are the positives of getting the chance to play outside the United States?

QL: You get a chance to make a living playing basketball. That's the biggest positive. And if you are into it, you can make new friends and you can discover a new culture. And you can do that while you are playing basketball and making a living for your family. That's pretty good.

Are you going to give the NBA a shot again next summer?

QL: Yes! Sure. I'll only give up on trying to get in the NBA when I give up on basketball. I will continue trying to make it in the league.

Quincy Lewis:
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