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Random MAAC comments

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As the Hall turns, appears Bobby is the front-runner for the Hall job once again, its pretty obvious someone in a high position at the Hall does not want Bobby. The choice of Oshea got the Hall faithful up in arms, Seton Hall would look like jerks if they fired Orr to get a mid western slightly better than 500 coach

I have to disagree big time with Saintly, nobody shut down Marist’s Jordan. Like all good players all you can hope to do with Jordan is contain him, he is by far the best PG in the league, his decision making is superb. Marist has the fewest question marks of any MAAC team and deservedly should be branded the favorite next season. Doesn’t mean I think they will win the MAAC only that they should be the preseason favorite

Agree to a certain extent with Soup that all freshmen are somewhat a question mark. Although sometimes you have a better indication than others. Generally speaking the higher ranked kids pan out. We can all point to a high ranked player that flopped or a low ranked player that was outstanding, but 80% of the time the rankings are correct. Over the last few years most of the best players in the MAAC came in with high rankings ( CJA, Dubois, D Austin and Xavier , Burtt and Soliver, Kojo Mensah, Collins, Fisher at Niagara , Thomson and Muniz at Rider, and many others came into the MAAC with high rankings at least per MAAC standards. Also disagree on soft prep school schedule Prep school kids are a year older and more physically mature and for the most part the competition is outstanding. In recent years CJA, Jack McClinton, Kojo Mensah, and last seasons ROY Kenny Hasbrouck all played a year of prep school

Iona finishing as high as 4th is a stretch, they need an awful lot to go right for that to happen, after losing 4 seniors they are basically retooling the entire team, a .500 season would be outstanding. I expect Iona to have a season comparable to Niagara last year

Nest Season’s MAAC champion will come from Marist, Manhattan and Siena the gap after the top 3 is considerable
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