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Raps' GM may trade 1st round pick

Raptors’ GM Glen Grunwald isn’t impressed with the talent in this years’ draft. Doug Smith of the Toronto Star reports that the Raps may try to trade out of the first round of Wednesday’s draft.

Grunwald said yesterday he'd seriously consider trading his team's first-round pick — for a future draft choice, a pick lower in the first round or a player already under contract — if he isn't entirely thrilled with the talent available when it's his turn to choose. "I don't think we'd move up (in the draft)," Grunwald said yesterday as another gaggle of would-be Raptor point guards traipsed through the Air Canada Centre to work out. "I think we'd trade out if the guys we want aren't there."

While most teams are laying smoke screens and releasing misinformation to try and disguise who they want to pick, the Raptors have made it clear that they need back court help, including yesterday's prime workout attraction, 6-foot-3 Illinois point guard Frank Williams. He and Gonzaga's Dan Dickau, who is scheduled in for a second workout this weekend, are mentioned the most when experts, and others, discuss Toronto's draft intentions.

The fact that the Raptors have been working out players that should be available at the end of the first round adds credence to the theory that Grunwald may trade down. Two of those — Fordham's William (Smush) Parker, a 6-foot-4 scorer, and Fresno State's 6-foot-4 Tito Maddox — were in for second looks yesterday and will undoubtedly be on the board for selections 25 through 28.

The players the Raps really want, Dickau and Williams, could be selected by Orlando and Utah with the 18th and 19th picks. Both teams have shown interest.

Grunwald said if he were to move back in the draft or out of it entirely, it would be relatively easy to work out a trade. He said he's talked to a few teams already in preliminary discussions but nothing would be finalized until the draft starts to unfold. The Miami Heat, who have the 10th pick, have made no secret they want a second pick, somewhere in the range of Toronto's 20th selection.

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