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I don't see what the edited big deal is.

Mpete shoudl improve 16 pts

Carter big *** season 27pts

Antonio Davis showed us he could score 15-16pts6-9 rbs

Alvin W is gettin sugery shoudl b healthy will b very good 14pts

hakeem 8pts 5rbs/ nate huffman 10pts 5 rbs(i think)/montross 6pts 3rbs

Bench will not b AS good as last year we may still either sign or trade sumone.

BUt sumone will prolly step up from last year rookkie mite b as good.

We will finaly see Bradley get ome minutes

NExt year will b fine and i hoenslty think wer top 4 in East

Who knows with KC smokin sum herb we mite b able to afford him
i duno bout his habit tho

If anybody knows any website plz tell and also if u kno any inside info plz tell as well thx

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Well I sure hope they finish top-4 and I believe they can - if everyone contributes like they're supposed to and stay healthy.

That said, I think you're highly overrating Huffman and Montross. No way either will get close to those numbers, except maybe Huffman. MAYBE. I'm thinking 5/4 from Huffman and 2/2 from Montross.

But if everyone contributes and is healthy, we'll be top-4 because of Vince alone.
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