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Use that useless brain.
It is really hard to accept.
I know that, I have that weird conscience.
If you think that the use of this words is just a method
to force and twist your thought, you are partially correct.
Why? I am going to tell you why.
It's because a simple and pretty reason.
Everything, absolutely everything that we are saying and thinking
lead us to that famous and feared self-destruction.
Do you want to know why? Probably yes.
This why is what kills me, by the way, kills all of us.
I am going to explain quickly.
I know that it is inevitable, however I like to think that's not.
What a crazy talk. I am going directly to the subject.
We think. Me, you, your father and your mother.
We use our rational capacity.
We are different beings, we have the capacity to think, to find solutions.
We are really divine creatures, aren't we?
What a hard question, forget it.
Here is where my reasoning enters.
By the way, it is uselles too, because everything
in this world is uselles if it's formed inside a rationalized head.
I think I might expressed myself badly.
I am going to try againg.
Everything that comes from a thinking head is uselles.
Much prettier and easy to remember.
It is in the style of phrases used by philosophy books or theories.
Far from considering what I said a theory.
To tell you the truth I fear that.
This is really bad, sorry my friend, don't listen to me.


Just plain uselles.

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