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In this thread I am going to open up conversation regarding team records. I will also keep it as updated as possible. Some teams will have comments while others might not.
Enjoy and leave your comments!

This is what I see right now:

Atlantic Division
Philidelphia 6-3 (Good start for them)
New Jesey 4-4 (I was expecting a better start from a probable Division champ)
Boston 3-5
New York 2-6 (LB getting off slow, but did you expect different?)
Toronto 0-8
Southeast Division
Miami 5-3 (With Shaq out, they are not doing horrible)
Washington 5-3
Orlando 3-4
Charlotte 3-6
Atlanta 0-8
Central Divison
DETROIT 7-0 (Anything I say about them will be so biased that it will be rediculous)
Cleveland 6-2 (Solid start, will Lebron be MVP favorite going into All-Star break?)
Milwaukee 5-2
Indiana 4-3 (They have some issues to take care of before seeing the top of the division)
Chicago 3-4
Southwest Division
San Antonio 7-2 (Solid start, solid team)
Dallas 6-2
Memphis 6-3
Houston 3-5
New Orleans 2-5
Northwest Division
Minnesota 4-4
Portland 3-3 (I would like to see this team stay above .500)
Denver 4-5
Utah 4-5
Seattle 3-5 (To many off-season changes?)
Pacific Divison
L.A. Clippers 6-2 (No Amare for Phoenix, can they keep this division lead?)
Golden State 5-4
L.A. Lakers 4-4
Phoenix 3-4 (If they can keep the boat floating, Amare will be back to take them home)
Sacramento 3-5

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Leave some comments guys.
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