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Animal Crossing New Horizons Items Nostalgia took over all of us once we saw the incredible creation at Animal Crossing. User Hinopika surprised us with a recreation of the classic Pokémon Crystal and the Johto region as we met her in 1999 with Gold and Silver. Not only did the locations look identical but he used the original Game Boy Color sprites.

In his video Hinopika shows us places that Pokémon fans perfectly recognize. Fully dressed as Cyndaquil he presents us from the beginning of the adventure in Pueblo Primavera to the passage through the first routes of the game such as Route 31 or the iconic National Park where the Bug Capture Contest is held.

Continuing the walk we find the Lake of Fury and also the legendary Red Gyarados that lives there. We even passed through Kanto where we found the Snorlax in front of the Digglet Cave and finally returned to the mystical forest that we know as Encinar where the Singularbuy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items Pokémon Celebi appears. The island code is: MA-3968-3119-7746.

The design is fantastic and the comments make it known to Hinopika who will surely delight us with more spectacular creations in the future in Animal Crossing the game that is trending on Nintendo Switch and has an unusual amount of sales on the Nintendo console. .

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