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Regular season game 80,81,82

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yep it doesnt really matter

game 80: Memphis Grizzlies @ Houston Rockets
game 81: Houston Rockets @ Denver Nuggets
game 82: San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets

we'll lose all 3 even if these teams are resting their superstars.

from recent performances i hope JVG will start worthy players

PG: Rafer Alston 30 mins +
SG: Luther Head 30 mins +
PF: Juwan Howard less than 20 mins
C: Stromile Swift 20 mins +

every1 knows the reasons for playing alston, head and hayes more than 30 mins. they actually do stuff esp hayes

juwan was very dissapointing against minnesotta. he was 1/9.. thats terrible benched for sure.
swift has shown improvement in his game, and is more deserving than the minutes he got in the minnesota game.

where is frahm these days?

basically im hoping JVG plays the younger players more to gain more on court experience because players like juwan and mutumbo dont need it, and bogans is a terrible starter. most inconsistant player ever unless he starts from the bench.

btw. 3 more losses could help us alot if golden state and boston win a few. better chance at drafting roy, or redick or gaye
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I just want the rockets to get at least 35 wins, then ill be satisfied, but that aint happening
they might as well just lose....

*off to class I go*
yay. and Golden State won last night, so we only have 7 teams ahead of us and at best move up down 2 spots. So PLEASE LOSE HOUSTON and anyone below Houston, WIN WIN WIN!
CbobbyB said:
they might as well just lose....

*off to class I go*
Gotta love Easter weekend, huh?
jworth said:
Gotta love Easter weekend, huh?
oh goin' home 2day :clap:
What is this? A combo meal? Three game in one thread.
All are tough teams. Give the young guys more minutes and let them show they can do this. Take some smart shoots and try to keep the score close. Never try to lose.
The last game dropped out from ESPN, well, who cares
ESPN should've kept it and hyped it up similarly to the Texans-49ers "Reggie Bush Bowl."
jiangsheng said:
The last game dropped out from ESPN, well, who cares
I care... sigh... even if they would have lost I could have watched it on my parents big screen!!! sigh... ESPN and ABC just give no respect to Rockets fans in Kentucky! LOL next year we have to be good so I can watch more games on a tv and less games on the computer!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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