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the sixers have a tough road ahead if they're goin to make i to playoffs.
first they play NJ at NJ. tough game. will test the strength and will of philly
then theyre off to miami, hopefully dwayne wade will be still out with a flu, that way antoine walker can shoot and miss :D
then head off to orlando the next day. orlando are the hottest team right now winning 5 in a row. tough game, need to stop dwight howard and carlos arroyo
then NJ at home!! same as before
and charlotte the next day at charlotte

from this schedual the sixers should beat orlando, NJ at home and Charlotte

pray that the bulls screw up

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Remaining Schedules that are relevent to sixers:


@ New Jersey
@ Miami
@ Orlando
vs. New Jersey
@ Charlotte

Three games against top 3 east teams, most likely at least two of those will be losses.
Predicted Record: 3-2


@ Atlanta
vs. Washington
@ Miami
@ Orlando

Two games against good teams, the other three pushovers.
Predicted Record: 3-2


vs. Boston
vs. Minnesota
@ Charlotte
@ Toronto
vs. Orlando

All of these games are easy wins.
Predicted Wins: 4-1


vs. Washington
@ New York
@ Washington

Detriot match-up looks bad, but they most likely will be playing bench players at that time. Washington could beat them twice, and Detoit could win, but nobody else will.
Predicted Record: 2-3

In other words, the only way the sixers get into the playoffs is if they play far above what they have been so far, or Chicago and/or Milwaukee **** up horribly.
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