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Remember this...

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Friday, May 30, 2003

Tell him I'm not here!
Scottie Pippen says he wants to be a minority owner in the Blazers franchise. He says he wants to play two more years and settle in as Paul Allen's "little dirty guy." Just one problem: Allen won't return Pippen's phone calls:

Four years with the franchise, and I can't get to (Paul Allen). Every time I call his office to leave a message, the message goes to Bob Whitsitt, and I never hear from Paul.
And we're supposed to believe Whitsitt won't have his hands in the Blazers' cookie jar come July 1?

Back then...things were great! (Not that great, I know.) I think he was still losing money back then...right? Anyways...please sell the team and keep it here in Portland!
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