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the kj post got me thinking about some of my favorite players. players who's accomplishments and greatness tend to be forgotten over time.

feel free to start your own remembering...threads.

i'll start off by remembering bernard king.

one of the great offensive machines of all time. i mean completely unstoppable. also cut down by injuries at his absolute peak. i'd love to see him in today's league, because there is truly noone like him. too strong for most 3's, too quick for any 4. a nightmare matchup. one of the deadliest shots of all time, the turn-around jumper. better than jordan's fadeaway. to go along with a great all-around offensive repertoire. great finisher on the break. his performance in the '84 playoffs is legendary - 35ppg on 57.4% shooting. took the champion celtics 7 games, almost singlehandedly. the guy was a beast, and he was athletic.

a true great, coulda been among the elite ever, for that fateful night at the garden when he blew out his knee under the basket. as is, he'll go down as one of the greatest offensive threats the game has seen, if only for a while.
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