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Ridiculous comments

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There have been some ridiculous comments made in this forum. People have said, "If the Lakers didn't have Shaq they would be nothing." Well of course, they wouldn't win Championships without him, he's the most dominant player in the game. It's like saying, "If the Bulls didn't have MJ, they would've stunk." Well, if the Kings didn't have Webber, they wouldn't be that great, and if the Spurs didn't have Duncan they'd suck too, and if the Nets didn't have Kidd they'd be downright awful. Be realistic, don't post things that say "what if".:sigh: :D
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did you get your screen name from the simpsons (homer's website)??? :D
Re: Re: Screen name

Originally posted by the_truth
I think what he means is...
she, but it's all good. :)

yeah, i was talking about that episode. :D
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