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Last night was such a weird game. You get off to an early start where you get some layups, you get some dunks, a couple of free throws, and then, all of a sudden, you just get hot. Everything you throw up goes in. I didn't play a perfect game, but the best thing about it is that we were tied at halftime and we we're kind of struggling a bit, going back and forth, so you get hot at the right time. You get hot when it matters. The team really needed that lift and if felt good to be there for them.
J Kidd does what he does. The dude is amazing. He's one of the best players in NBA history. It's tough to look at somebody like that before his career is over, but look at what he does at the point guard spot with all the triple-doubles ... and those are offensive categories (points, assists, rebounds), but he's been all-league defense six or seven times too. So to be getting all those triple-doubles and to be stopping people on the other end, you're doing a whole lot.
It's a little surreal to see my point guard on the list with those guys, especially since, when I got here, he was like seventh on the list. He's just been racking them up and I'm glad to help him. If you look at all the points I've scored, a whole lot have come off of his assists.
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