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Lazenby takes a look at Phil and the current Lakers in the Sun-Times this morning:

Now we reach that annual moment in the NBA schedule when Phil Jackson and the Lakers entertain the ghosts of championships past, his long-lost love of yesteryear, your Chicago Bulls.

So much time has passed, so many faces have changed (namely Jerry Krause has gone off fishing), that this would seem to be the thinnest of story lines, except that Jackson and longtime sidekick Tex Winter spent much of the offseason talking about remaking the 2006 Lakers in the form of Jackson's 1990s Bulls clubs.

Jackson seemed so intent on keeping that Chicago mojo alive he even hired Scottie Pippen, the do-everything forward for those Bulls teams, to come to Lakers training camp to work with 6-10 Lamar Odom in the hopes that he can develop into a Pippen-like figure in Los Angeles.

If such a notion makes Bulls fans chuckle, then they'll absolutely howl at the idea that Lakers guard Kobe Bryant could somehow play Michael Jordan to Odom's Pippen.
The article has a side bar where Tex Winter talks about the current Bulls that's highly complimentary:

As a consultant to the Los Angeles Lakers, Tex Winter has spent the past week looking at a lot of tape of the Bulls, and he likes what he has seen.

Winter would probably watch tape of the Bulls even if he didn't have to. Having spent 15 seasons in Chicago as an assistant coach, Winter admits to having a keen interest in the team that Bulls boss John Paxson, another of his former players, has built.

Winter has also been known to be stingy in his praise of young coaches, but he openly admires the job Scott Skiles has done in Chicago.

"They got a chance to be a pretty darn good team,'' Winter said. "They're well coached. Defensively, they really work at it. That's a sign of the job Skiles has done. On offense, they have some threats. Ben Gordon and Kirk Heinrich are surprisingly effective leaders for the offense.''

The loss of center Eddie Curry could have hurt the Bulls, Winter said, except that Tyson Chandler has done a lot to pick up the slack.

"Chandler does a real good job on the boards,'' Tex said. "He's active. I like 'im.''

Nice compliment to Skiles, and nice to see he still cares about the Bulls. :banana:
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