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alex said:
Dwyane Wade was a terrific passer for someone who mostly played SG/SF in college. He averaged four and a half assists per game as a junior, which is darn good. But behind the statistics, he was absolutely incredible at driving and dishing.

He also averaged over six rebounds per game both seasons, and he did very well for his size. Granted, at their respected heights, Rondo is better (at least from a statistical standpoint), but Dwade was very very good.

I bet DW was a better defender, too. He played everywhere, guarded the 1 through 3, blocked, stole, and he played great man-to-man as well as team. He was as complete as they come at the collegiate level.
I did watch Wade at Marquette and he was a fantastic player. Diener and Novak also made life pretty easy for him. But I still stick to my claim that Rondo has the better court vision, better rebounder and a better defender. He has basically shut down all of the opposition that he has gone up against.
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