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I really wouldn't expect him to go until late in the first round at best.Personally I am really down on Rondo after this season and I can't understand why some people think he's still a great pro prospect.He spent this entire season showing how flawed his game is against college level competition.

I didn't watch every single UK game like most people here may have,but I think that Rondo played his way out of the starting lineup.He showed that he's not particularly adept at the most basic responsibility of a PG which is to make sure his team's offense runs smoothly.He showed that his entire offensive game depends upon transition oppurtunities.He can penetrate somewhat well and he's a good defender,but in my mind he's about the sixth or seventh best PG prospect after Williams,Lowry,Farmar,Dee Brown,Mardy Collins and Quincy Douby.

I don't mean to completely trash the guy,but I just don't think he's the guy who needs to run out and hire an agent until he gets some solid information on exactly where he stands to get picked.In my mind
he is a real reach if you even pick him in the first round.I don't see how you give a guaranteed three year deal to a guy who may not ever help you myself.
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