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Its not as good as /\/\e's last year...........but I tried. BTW, where did he go?


<b>score 20 ppg</b>- Dajaun Wagner(Hes in Cle….He will be the first, second, and third option)
<b>dish 10 apg</b>- NONE- Jay will come closest
<b>grab 10 rpg</b>- Ming- He has a 6" height advantage over most C's...he better be able to rebound
<b>wish he woulda went to college</b>- Collins and Cooke
<b>become a total waste</b>- Haslip
<b>lead the league in blocks</b>- Ming- Again, with the heigth
<b>become the best player in the draft</b>- Hilario....I may be crazy, but I think he will be a super star in a few years
<b>prove they were first round material</b>- Grizzard, Logan, Boozer, and Taylor(give him 3 years)
<b>become a star in 5 years, after being labeled a bust(a la JO)- </b>Qyntel Woods- He will be buried on the bench in Portland
<b>next in line to choke his coach</b>- Qyntel Woods
<b>Steal of the draft</b>- Qyntel Woods- was predicted to be taken in top 5 in the beginning of the season
<b>Wonder how he got drafted so high</b>- Freddie Jones
<b>be the next Dirk</b>- Nickoloz Tskitishvili
<b>be stuck behind Brand, Kandi, Miles, Odom, and Wilcox</b>- Melvin Ely
<b>become the next “How did he last to the 10th pick award?”</b>- Caron Butler
<b>help his team win at least 10 more games this season</b>- Jay Williams
<b>be the best Euro Guard since Drazen Petrovic</b>- Marko Jaric
<b>be Malone’s ball boy</b>- Curtis Borchardt
<b>have a cheerleader GF on every team</b>- Dan Dickau (Hes got Portland scratched off the list already)
<b>win the 3 pt shootout</b>- Dunleavy
<b>make the Lakers even more unbeatable</b>- Rush
<b>wish he wasn’t traded from LA</b>- C. Jeffries
<b>tell Kwame he sucks</b>- Jared Jeffries
<b>prove that white man cant jump</b>- Dunleavy
<b>be the “feel good” story of the draft, defy odds, have a solid career</b>- Jaun Dixon
<b>be the next Charlie Ward, who was the next Marl Jackson</b>- Frank Williams
<b>become overweight and unused</b>- Lonny Baxter
<b>prove that sometimes heart makes up for lack of height</b>- Sam Clancy
<b>put Stephon Marbury back in his place when he doesn’t pass</b>- Amare Stoudemire
<b>win a ring as a rookie, help out one of the best duo’s in the league, become a great player, be the 3rd scorer they missed, make Toronto regret trading him, and have the last laugh</b>- Kareem Rush

Thanks for reading……..this was merely made for enjoyment purposes.

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Originally posted by sime
very nice,........i agree with some not most....but i hate the last comment....i think jefferies could be as good as rush
I agree with the Jeffries comment... when he's at full health, I think he can put any swingman/ point on lockdown... regardless of size...

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Here's a few other ones:

most likely to sit on the bench and eat Snickers...Dan Gadzuric
most likely to make the Raptors say damn!...Kareem Rush
most likely to feel unused and a waste of roster space...Mladen Sekularac (55th pick by Mavs;) )
most likely to be Stoudamire's next smoking buddy...Qyntel Woods
most likely to have his girlfriend flirted with by other team members...Casey Jacobsen and Dan Dickau
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