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Bulls' Rose admits taking money
Associated Press
Posted on May 31, 2002

DETROIT - Chicago Bulls guard and former Michigan player Jalen Rose said he took some money from a former Michigan booster who pleaded guilty earlier this week to a federal conspiracy charge.

Rose, who was drafted out of Michigan in 1994, told Fox Sports Net on Thursday that Ed Martin gave him pocket money.

"He gave me money before, but it wasn't in excess of - you know - trying to allow me to be rich," Rose said. "You know it was allowing me to have a couple of dollars in my pocket."

Martin was accused of illegally lending $600,000 to four Wolverines basketball players. Martin said he paid $280,000 to Chris Webber, now with the NBA's Sacramento Kings; $160,000 to Robert Traylor, now with the Charlotte Hornets; $105,000 to Maurice Taylor, now with the Houston Rockets; and $71,000 to Louis Bullock, who is playing professionally in Europe.

Rose didn't say how much he was given.

"Like I said, just something to make me feel like I can go to a movie, go to a show, I can get a pair of gym shoes, I can get - you know - a fresh outfit," Rose said, according to excerpts released by Fox Sports prior to the show's airing.

Rose said Martin gave him money before he was at the university, but didn't clarify whether he also received money while playing for the Wolverines.

On Tuesday, Martin, 68, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder monetary instruments. As part of his plea, he agreed to cooperate with the government and the university in their investigations of improper benefits to basketball players.

Rose reportedly had been interviewed by investigators, but was not listed in the federal indictment as one of the players who took loans from Martin.

Authorities alleged Martin and his wife, Hilda, ran an illegal numbers game at Detroit auto plants and laundered the profits, in part through the loans to the players and their families.

Rose was a first-round draft pick by the Denver Nuggets in 1994 and later traded to the Indiana Pacers. He was traded to the Bulls this year.

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