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I'm not a big fan of Rosen's except when he talks x's and o's, but here are his thoughts on Boykins.

What is your opinion of Earl Boykins? How much of a defensive liability is he because of his size? — John Chan

Boykins provides a terrific change of pace off the bench. He has a great pull-up game (going right or left), and is an extremely effective screen-roll player. On his drives, he has the knack of slightly shifting his body so that he draws more fouls than he deserves. His defense consists of full-court pressure and chasing the ball down from behind.

Once an opponent gets into its half-court sets, however, Boykins' diminutive stature is a serious problem — other guards can easily back him into the foul line area and simply turn and shoot over him. Boykins' size also presents difficulties on offense because virtually all of his passes must be delivered below an opponent's defense. That means few lobs or looping passes. Also, he has difficulty seeing the entire floor so he can't always identify an open teammate. Considering Boykins' personal game plan, this last imperfection is a minor one since he's mostly looking to score. In sum, a useful player whose usefulness diminishes the longer he plays against anybody, and certainly if he's matched-up against deliberate offenses who can maneuver him into the wrong places guarding the wrong players at the wrong times.
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