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Round 2: (4) Illinois vs. (5) Washington (3/18)


(5) Washington Huskies (25-6) vs. (4) Illinois Fighting Illini (26-6)

Cox Arena (San Diego)

Date: Friday, March 18th
Time: 4:30 pm



Official Sites:
(5) Washington Huskies | (4) Illinois Fighting Illini

Probable Starters:

J. Dentmon B. Roy B. Jones J. Brockman M. Jensen

Fighting Illini:

D. Brown R. McBride B. Randle S. Pruitt J. Augustine

Key Reserves:
Fighting Illini

Warren Carter
Marcus Arnold
Jamar Smith
Chester Frazier

Washington Huskies

Jamaal Williams
Roy Appleby
Joel Smith
Artem Wallace

Tourney Team Leaders:
<table border=3 bordercolor="#FF9933" width=100% ><tr align=center><td>Illini</td><td> </td><td>Huskies</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Jamar Smith 20.0</td><td>PPG</td><td>Brandon Roy 28.0</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Dee Brown 8.0</td><td>RPG</td><td>Bobby Jones/Jon Brockman 4.0</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Dee Brown 10.0</td><td>APG</td><td>Brandon Roy 5.0</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Dee Brown 4.0</td><td>SPG</td><td>Brandon Roy 3.0</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Brian Randle 1.0</td><td>BPG</td><td>Brandon Roy 1.0</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Shaun Pruitt .800</td><td>FG%</td><td>Mike Jensen .600</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Jamar Smith .667</td><td>3PT%</td><td>Justin Dentmon .750</td></tr><tr align=center><td>Brown/Augustine/Randle 1.000</td><td>FT%</td><td>Jones/Roy/Dentmon 1.000</td></tr></table>

We got the big man advantage so we should hopefully go at em that way.. I'm worried as heck about Roy though.. oh well, we'll see..

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Re: Round 2: (4) Illinois vs. (5) Washington (3/18)

It's all about respect between Brown's Illini, Roy's Huskies
By BERNIE WILSON, AP Sports Writer
March 18, 2006

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Enough of this nice talk. Somebody's got to go out and win.

Illinois and Washington players spoke glowingly of each other on Friday. The coaches from UCLA and Alabama tried to build each other up.

But on Saturday, they'll be trying to beat each other.

Dee Brown's Illinois Fighting Illini plays Brandon Roy's Washington Huskies for a spot in the Washington Regional.

The second game in San Diego will be second-seeded UCLA against Alabama, whose coach, Mark Gottfried, was a Bruins assistant when they won the national championship in 1995. The winner of that game moves on to the Oakland Regional.

It turns out that the Huskies of the Pac-10 Conference have fans in the Midwest.

"I know their team and I know their style of play because I watch a lot of NCAA basketball and the Pac-10 because they come on around midnight," Brown said Friday.

Brown has been impressed with what he's seen on the tube, and now he gets to see it in person when the fourth-seeded Fighting Illini (26-6) play the fifth-seeded Huskies (25-6).

"Roy's got terrific game and is a great player," Brown said. "I can't wait to get on the court and play against him. Roy's shining now, and he's always been shining."

Roy said he's been watching Brown, a four-year starter at Illinois, for several years.

"I'm a big fan of Dee Brown," Roy said. "He's the heart and soul of that team and he's the first guy we've got to stop."

[More in URL]

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Re: Round 2: (4) Illinois vs. (5) Washington (3/18)

TM said:
What's your call here, BC?

Roy's gonna be a handful, but so might Dee & Co. I'm looking forward to this one.
What's my call? Honestly I dont know.. Roy's gonna be a toughie.. Randle will try and match up with him.. hopefully he can at least control him somewhat and have the other dudes struggle..

Personally I hope they go with Roy gets his (about 25 or so) and let the others try and beat em.. That probably is our only way of beating a player like him.. If he goes off for 40 there's no way we win..

I do think, however, in the end Illinois will get the W because of the size advantage down low.. We'll see!

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We need the bench to show up again, that's huge.
I was happy to see Jamar play good in the first round, first time he's looked sharp in quite some time.

Definitely going to have our hands full with Roy. Randle's going to have to bring his game and slow him down.

Like BC mentioned, if he gets his points but we can keep the rest of the team quiet, we will have a good chance.

Going to be a good game.
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