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the CAVS are going to trade Andre Miller for Darius Miles,Caron Butler
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Cav's want too much for Miller

Asking for even Miles is too much. Yes, Miller is better but the NBA roster now has much more to do with upside, salary and cap room. If you could get Miller for cheap, that would be one thing - but he is up for big bucks. Miles is a legitimate up 'n comer who has 2 + 1 years of making minimal money - that is huge value. There are also many Clipper fans who come specifically to see Miles - very popular - more bucks for Sterling. The Clips could give up Odom + a pick which would be fair. This being a contract year, Odom should have his career year - 2 seasons back he put up borderline All-Star numbers. If they can't make a fair trade for Davis or Miller they should just send the signals out that they'll save their cap room for next summer to sign a top flight point guard. It appears both are very interested in the Clips and both would take less money to come back home. They could go after Vaughn or McGinnis for a one season deal - or decent point guard that is left after the smoke clears. Dooling, Jaric & Odom might handle the PG OK.

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About Miles

People are aware of his dunks from his Sportscenter highlights. But true Clipper fans saw Miles improve his game immensely last year (things numbers don't show). He actually had a decent outside shot for a good chunk of the season. He also has good speed, steals, blocks shots, awesome on the break +++.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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