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After Artest commented that the Kings were a better, different team than the last time the Suns faced them, Phoenix outscored Sacramento 72-42 in the second half to come back from a double-digit deficit. What an idiot Artest is. Sacramento needed to finish the season 4-0 to have a chance to catch the Clippers. Mathematically, they can catch the Clippers if LA loses their remaining games, but it isn't likely

With a victory last night, the Lakers have a better chance of catching the Clippers. Does anyone know what the second tiebreaker is for draft purposes (they tied the season series 2-2)? Or do they flip a coin?

Anyway, here's the race for draft losts 21-23:

Memphis 45-33 (Charlotte, Houston, CLIPPERS, Minnesota)
Clippers 44-33 (Portland, Seattle, Seattle, MEMPHIS, Dallas)
Denver 44-34 (Utah, Sacramento, Houston, Seattle)

That Clippers-Memphis game should make the difference between the #21 and #23 seeds. . . and it DOES make a difference. . . . it becomes slightly more valuable if the Nets decide to package the picks together and move up.
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