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Is anyone going?? I'm going to be there decked out in Grizzlies gear,probably to the dismay of Sixer fans, but I'm not really concerned. I hope it is a good game.

Here are some things I want to see:

Sixers side:

1. I want to see Korver light it up from the outside.
2. Big Dawg and Iverson have some good outputs.
3. Eric Snow not shooting.
4. Dalembert rejecting at least three soft layups
5. Overtime game.
6. 76'ers dancers
7. At least 100 point output from the team

Grizzlies side:

1. Spectacular J-Will play, or him scoring 30 points.
2. Mike Miller hitting at least 5 threes.
3. Dahntay Jones getting some minutes.
4. Stromile Swift rejecting at least three soft layups. One huge dunk from him as well.
5. Bonzi Wells playing a solid defensive game.
6. Hubie Brown. He is really old.
7. Jerry West. Although West will probably stay back at Memphis.
8. Overtime game
9. At least 120 point output from the team

I think this will be a great game to watch. Despite the record, the 76'ers are very good. I hope the Grizzlies don't underestimate them.

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Saturday, Jan. 17
1:00 pm
vs. Grizzlies
TV: CSN, Telemundo

Previous 10 games

Probable starters

Lorenzen Wright vs. Samuel Dalembert
Pau Gasol vs. Derrick Coleman
James Posey vs. Glenn Robinson
Mike Miller vs. Aaron Mckie
Jason Williams vs. Eric Snow

Injured List
Theron Smith
Troy Bell
Ryan Humphrey

Todd McCulloch
Willie Green
Marc Jackson

Sixers players who won't play according to Sixers Team Injury Report:
Allen Iverson - out, flu-like symptoms
Kenny Thomas - practice to tolerance, right ankle sprain

Keys to the game:
-Give the ball to the big men
-Try to get Sixers starting big men into foul trouble
-Keep the eye on Aaron Mckie and Kyle Korver when they get the ball at the arc

-Get to a quick start
-Involve Glenn Robinson and Samuel Dalembert early
-Play hard defense through the entire game

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iverson dont play ??too bad but i still thing that we had a change to win that game . the key is snow make very assistences and dalamber and coleman and big dog score points like you say . and gasol score less points .
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