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Of 500 unique names, the State College baseball team is called the ...

Call 'em the Spikes. The State College Spikes.

State College baseball officials announced the team's new name today, picked from 500 unique names sent in by fans during the initial voting process.

The Spikes, a St. Louis Cardinals affiliate, will begin New York-Penn League play in June at the new stadium being built on Penn State's campus.

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Introducing the State College Spikes
11/22/05 - New York-Penn League (NYPL) State College Spikes

STATE COLLEGE, PA -- After nearly 5,000 submissions during the initial round of the club's "Name the Team Contest" and after months of suspense, the new State College Professional Baseball Club has announced that it will be known as the STATE COLLEGE SPIKES!

The team will begin play in June 2006 as an affiliate of the defending National League Central Division champion St. Louis Cardinals in the short-season Class-A New York-Penn League, pending approval from the NYPL and Minor League Baseball, and review by the Baseball Office of the Commissioner.

The name "Spikes" refers to the unbranched antler of a young male deer and signifies the popularity of deer-hunting in Centre County and throughout Pennsylvania. The team name also serves as a metaphor for a young minor leaguer who may or may not develop into a major leaguer, just as a young deer may or may not develop a full set of antlers.

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