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SBU Pride,

I made the trip to Long Island yesterday. Even with the 13 point lead, I wasn't comfortable because I've seen how UNH can lose its offense. You're right the first half execution was very good and resulted in many layups or close in shots by UNH. They displayed good patience in the 1st half and made the extra pass. But after taking the 13 point lead, they took a few quick shots and couldn't regroup.

Spencer had a very good game, especially foul shooting. Initially, Kyle Peterson was doing a pretty good job on Cori, but he got two fouls and had to sit. In the 2nd half Cori did a good job of getting better angles to the hoop and scored even more. He also finished better than up at Maine.

Very exciting game, never thought UNH would tie it up! Also, never thought Munir would get down the court as quickly as he did for that last shot. Super putback by Cori for the winner! Munir was pretty solid too, didn't force many shots, took what the defense gave him and he hit a fair number of those (memory rather than looking at the stats!).
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