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With all this talk about Rafer and Jalen and people saying Rafer has to pass the ball more i thought i would check our record when Rafer is our leading scorer.

Well it turns out we are 2-9. The only good thing about this stat is it shows that he isn't doing this every single game.

Now for the bad. The 2 wins came when he is sharing the leading scorer with someone else.

In those games here are his assist numbers

L # 1 - 1 asts
L # 2 - 7 asts
W # 1 - 11 asts
L # 3 - 10 asts
L # 4 - 8 asts
L # 5 - 11 asts
L # 6 - 8 asts
L # 7 - 2 asts
W # 2 - 6 asts
L # 8 - 6 asts
L # 9 - 2 asts

I think that the scoring has something to do with the loses but other then 3 games his ast numbers have been pretty good. IMO he is taking too much heat for our struggles.

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Good find Madman. A few of those games were when the Raptors were struggling to get anything done offensively, so Rafer stepped up and put the game on his own shoulders. In those type of games he scored a lot, but he also had a lot of assists as well.

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rafer biggest problem is that this is hids first year as a starter, he has to eastablish to that role.
for example, last year in miami he had wade, odom, butler and jones. his role was so different, he was the one to come out of the bench and make the differnce.
imo, next year we'll see a different rafer alston.
we'll see a pg that knows what is good for his team and when.
he'll know when to bush the ball, when to slow it down, when to take charge.
in his 5 years in the nba, thats the first time he's one of the superstars in the team.
thats y rafer is the leadin scorer most of the time when we lose. thats cuz he see that the team is strugglin (as td said) so he's tryin to "fix the damage".
next season with bosh developmin into an awsome player, and maybe 1-2 new good players/vetrens skip will be much better and will lead our team in scores also when we win.
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