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Originally posted by <b>RipCity9</b>!
I'll never forget his trey that sent the Jazz packing in 2000. That has to be one of the most clutch shots in franchise history. Scottie didn't bring us the title I thought he would, but I appreciated his play here nonetheless.
what I remember is how I was listening to that game, (I was not near a tv set at the time) and I just knew we weren't going to lose. Infact, I felt that way a lot with the 2000 team..

But the best part of that shot is when you DO see it on national TV..the idiots calling the game have basically given up on the blazers..and were talking..talking..not really paying attention to whats happening..and then BAM!

"blah blah blah...Pippen shoots a 3 HE HITS IT! blah blah blah"
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