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Scouting Rpt [email protected] 03.29.06

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The challenge for NJN will be far tougher against MEM.

MEM has one of the best defensive coaches in the league in Mike Fratello. The team plays a very fundamentally sound brand of basketball. It won't be easy!

The NETS have to get up on 'em early and demoralize the Grizz. Playing from strength in the form of an ever expanding lead is very demoralizing.

The NETS have to play their toughest defense to slow Gasol and shut-down Miller. They have to try to capitalize every advantage the other side gives 'em and exploit the glaring weaknesses.

The NETS have to play intense D and opportunistic O off that D. They have to run in the spots the D gives them and finish well. Fratello knows how to shut down a running game and play a tough half-court game 'til they grab the advantage and pound you into the ground. Basically, they grind you down and out and they can run you in spots, too!

The Grizz are very much like the NETS, but the NETS have a talent advantage. Who's going to outwork, outhustle and out-execute the other team on Friday will determine the victor.

That's why the fundamentals are so important in this game. Execution and rebounding are going to be the keys to victory. Krstic should reprise his 1st Q against PHX for an entire game.

Expect a battle as MEM is on the upswing and playing well. Gasol is the all-star he's always been.
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Krstic..He needs to STOP PAU GASOL!
NBASCOUT2005 said:
Kidd is better than Nash. Always has been and always will be!
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