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Last season
14-15 (6-10)T-8th
No post season
Final ranking #-NR
RPI ranking- #46

Projected starting lineup

C-Alonzo Lane 6'7 245lbs Sr
3.7ppg 2.2rpg 0.4apg 43%FG 61%FT
Grade Rating= C-
PF-Dionisio Gomez 6'8 220lbs Sr
5.1ppg 5.0rpg 1.3apg 53%FG 60%FT
Grade Rating= C+
SF-Jonathon Modica 6'4 190lbs Fr
Top 200 Recruit
Grade Rating= D+
SG-Kendrick Davis{/B] 6'3 185lbs Fr
Top 225 recruit
Grade Rating= D+
PG-Eric Ferguson 6'2 185lbs Fr
Top 200 recruit
Grade Rating= C-
PF-Larry Satchell 6'9 230lbs Sr 2.8ppg 2.8rpg 45%FG
PF-Carl Baker 6'8 205lbs Sr 3.8ppg 2.8rpg 39%FG
PF/SF-Micheal Jones 6'9 205lbs So 4.6ppg 1.6rpg 48%FG
PF/SF-Rashard Sullivan 6'9 220lbs Fr Top 200 Recruit
SF-Matt Jones 6'6 215lbs 4.2ppg 2.3rpg 48%FG(on FB Scholly)
SG-Blake Eddins 6'7 215 0.9ppg 1.1rpg 24%FG

Key losses
Jannero Pargo 16.6ppg
Brandon Dean 12.2ppg
J.J. Sullinger 9.4ppg

First off..I am not even going to get into this teams strengths and weaknesses because it is without a doubt, a rebuilding year. New guards, new coach and a new system. It would be amazing if this team could just break even this year. However, expect them to be a seller team all year and finish dead last in the Sec West. There will be better years ahead for Arkansas basketball. I like Heath, he's a lot different than Richardson and that's good because Arkansas basketball needed a change. Dont expect to see 40 minutes of hell next year. Expect a slower version of basketball and in time, expect Arkansas to be back but this is clearly a rebuilding year for the Razorbacks. It could get ugly.

Recent Arkansas history
2002 14-15 (6-10)T-8th
2001 20-11 (10-6)4th - 1st round
2000 19-15 (7-9)7th - 2nd round
1999 23-11 (9-7)5th - 2nd round
1998 24-9 (11-5)T-3rd - 2nd round - #22
1997 18-14 (8-8)6th - NIT
1996 22-14 (9-7)T-3rd - Sweet 16 - #18
1995 31-7 (12-4)T-2nd - Runner up - #2
1994 30-3 (14-2)1st - Champs - #1

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"For our team, this is not a rebuilding year," Stan Heath said on TSN. "I want to make that very clear, contrary to popular belief. We lost quite a few guys, but I really like the attitude and mindset of the guys."

It will be a long year. And if Ronnie Brewer doesn't stay in state, next year will be long as well. Hit the JUCO's coach.

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I am thinking the same exact thing Justin. Its going to be a long year for Razorback basketball.
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