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Last season
12-17 (4-12)Last
No postseason
Final Ranking- #NR
RPI Ranking- #102

Projected Starting Lineup

Kyle Davis 6'10 215lbs Jr
5.6ppg 5.1rpg 46%FG 49%FT
Grade Rating= B-
Marco Killingsworth 6'8 235lbs So
7.8ppg 4.2rpg 52%FG 53%FT
Grade Rating= B-
Brandon Robinson 6'8 215lbs So
8.5ppg 5.2rpg 46%FG 45%FT 30%3pt
Grade Rating= B-
Derrick Bird 6'5 195lbs Sn
10.6ppg 3.2rpg 1.1apg 39%FG 69%FT 31%3pt
Grade Rating= C+
Marquis Daniels 6'6 205lbs Sn
11.6ppg 5.3rpg 4.1agp 1.2/1 A to T ratio 44%FG 36%3pt
Grade rating= B

PF-Rodney Tucker 6'8 245lbs Jr Top 25 Juco Recruit
PF-Terry Licorish 6'9 210lbs Fr Top 150 recruit
SF-Lewis Monroe 6'5 195lbs So 2.7ppg 2.2rpg 37%FG
SG-Dwayne Mitchell 6'4 190lbs So 3.5ppg 2.5rpg 1.8agp 43%FG
PG-Chris Lollar 6'0 185lbs Jr Top 200 Recruit

Key losses
Adam Harrington 6'5 185 10.1ppg 3.5rpg 1.5agp 39%FG 35%3pt

It's hard to find what this teams real strengths are going to be but one thing Auburn is usually always solid at is defense. I might even go as far to say that this is the best defensive team in the Sec. They have one of the best shot blockers in all of the country in Kyle Davis. I would say only Emeka of Uconn is a better shot blocker. They also add a lot of athleticsm. You wont find quite as many teams that can match Auburns athletes. You wont find many better athletes than Brandon Robinson, however, you wont find many players on the college that are as raw as him as well.
Offense as a whole. That sounds really bad but it is the truth. What hurts this team most of all is having to put their best player and best offensive scorer at PG because they lack having anyone on their team that can setup the offense, create shots for teammates and run the team. As you would expect Auburn was dead last in the Sec in assists and 2nd to dead last in turning the ball over. Thats not going to win you games and it looks like Auburn will have to put Daniels at point again when he is really a wing player. This is also one of the worst perimeter shooting teams in the country. Derrick Bird came out of his junior college being considered a deadly perimeter shooter but he showed nothing more than an inconsistent shot from the perimeter. They need him to improve a great deal because they lack polished players in general.
This is how I would best describe Auburn. A very athletic team but a very raw one. However, they should be an improved team from last year. They will play in a fairly balanced Sec West and I think they could sneak by a few teams and will finish higher than a rebuilding Arkansas team but no higher than 5th in the Sec West and will be a hopeful for the NIT.

Recent Auburn History
2002 12-16 (4-12)Last
2001 18-14 (7-9)T-7th NIT
2000 19-15 (9-7)5th 2nd Round
1999 31-5 (14-2)1st Sweet 16 #7
1998 16-14 (7-9)T-7th NIT
1997 14-15 (6-10)T-8th
1996 19-13 (6-10)T-9th NIT
1995 15-13 (7-9)T-7th NIT
1994 12-16 (4-12)T-10th

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FYI...Licorish is gone. I think he didn't qualify. I could be wrong. Either way, he's not a Tiger.

Nice job on the preview. Auburn looks bad. Their moment in the sun left with Chris Porter and all of his ziploc bags filled with powdery substances.

And with their recent troubles, it may be a while before they return to the top.

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Thanks for the info on Licorish..not a big loss.

As for Auburn being bad, well I think they will be improved. They only lose Harrington, a streaky perimeter shooter and a horrible teammate. They have a lot of talent and athleticsm but would probably be happy to get in the NIT.
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