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In all likelihood we will draft Jay Williams #2:love: . So our Point guard slot should be pretty solid if we keep Crawford or not (we can just resign Best). Our 4 spot should have a nice rotation with Fizer and Chandler. At the center position we have Curry starting, if we sign Scott Williams and have Bags behind him our center rotation will be nice (in the east). Now the 2gaurd/small forward position has a steady rotation of Rose ,Robinson, and Hassel. I think we need another 2/3 guy or another center. I have made a list of some 2nd round prospects.

Chris Jefferies (may drop due to knee injury)
Rod Grizzard (see above) more unlikely
Dan Gadzuric
Vincent Yarbourgh
Tayshaun Prince ( have a feeling he may fall to early second round)
Tamar Slay
Casey Jacobsen

Now I'm sure there are others that probably could be up there if you would give me your opinion on what we might be looking at.

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As far as 2/3 are concerned...I would try and go for either Tayshaun Prince or Juan Dixon(if either of them are available)

I am not too familar with 2nd round center prospects.

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7 players a number of who will slip to the 30 but
probably not be available at the 43

Chris Jefferies (2/3)
-knee leading to poor work outs resulting in slippage

Rod Grizzard (2/3)
Jamal Sampson (4/5)
David Andersen (4/5)
Dan Gadzuric (4/5)
Carlos Boozer (4)
Jason Jennings (5)
Roger Mason Jr. (1/2)

5 players who may slip to the 43

Vincent Yarbrough (2/3)
Chris Owens (3/4)
-No injury and the guy would have probably gone 1st round

Lenny Cooke (2)
DeAngelo Collins (4)
Corsley Edwards (4/5) wide body

A number of young pg's will also be available BUT
a back court w/. 3 young PG's may be 1 too many

A player who can play 2 spots IMO would be preferable to
a player who can only play one since such a player
offers more depth without taking up more minutes.
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