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What are your takes on why Jamal isnt getting any play?

SS: This question was obviously penned before the Pacers began their current
six-game win-streak, with Jamaal Tinsley leading the way. Initially, he was
simply being replaced by Kenny Anderson, who had a much more intimate
knowledge of the type of offense Rick Carlisle prefers. Then Jamaal was
placed on the injury list with a sore lower back and then he got a bade
taste of the flu and before you knew it, he was buried. But once he got
himself healthy and an opportunity arose, he took back what many people
feel is rightfully his.

How is Benders rehab comming? When do you expect him back and do you see
him making an impact to our current team?

SS: Jonathan is still working hard to get back. I think he's going to be fine.
But how he meshes with this crew, in this new system, remains to be seen. I
don't know where he fits. In order to insert him into the rotation someone
else's minutes will have to be clipped. Whatever happens, there's no
denying Bender's raw talent. It's just a matter of him staying healthy long
enough to show everyone else what he can do. I see him coming back either
right before the All-Star break or right after and who knows what kind of
impact he'll have.

Pacers Fan

Our team's been in a slump as of late, i noticed particularly reggie
Miller. Is he a vital part of why we haven't been winning?

SS: They came out of that slump (and slumps during an 82-game NBA season are
certainly relative). Listen, I'm as guilty as anyone of questioning
Reggie's relevance on the nights when his contributions are minimal. But
just when you're about ready to write him off, he goes off and does
something Reggie-like. I would argue that he's vital to any chances the
Pacers have of making a deep playoff run, provided he's healthy at the end
of the regular season. They need an outside presence and he's the best one
they've got and arguably the best in the history of the league.


What do you think of Artest mouthing off to Carlisle during the half
against the Nets?

SS: I didn't like the way Artest handled himself, but I thought there was some
legitimacy to some of his complaints. Their offense is boring (and Carlisle
would admit as much) but it's also terribly effective. Just ask the Spurs.
In my opinion, Artest simply needs to learn how to express himself without
becoming a total distraction. Just talk to people, ask a question when he's
upset or doesn't understand something and no matter what, don't ever become
a distraction to a team that's proven it has a hard time handling them. He
was benched for his actions and the Pacers moved on. I think it was handled
properly and it's a dead issue. . . . .until the next time.

Do you think Tinsley has finally gotten it into his head that he has to
work to be our starting PG?

SS:I would think that the message that was sent to him found its target.

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