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Semi OT: Deng, Piatkowski Out - Duhon game time decision

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RealGM - The Chicago Bulls play the New Jersey Nets on Tuesday night and will be doing so without Luol Deng, who is out with a concussion and Eric Piatkowski, who is out with a concussion and facial laceration.

Chris Duhon, meanwhile, will be a game-time decision due to lower back pain.
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why is this semi-OT? :clown:
Already got this in the game thread but it's definately a big deal. Deng is a matchup problem and if Duhon is out they're gonna hafta ride Ben and Kirk for most of the ballgame. We get either of those guys in foul trouble we'll be on easy street. If only Nocioni was out too.
Aurelino said:
why is this semi-OT? :clown:
lol its not fully off topic so its only a little OT :biggrin:
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