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LOS ANGELES — Kobe Bryant has taken 35 percent of the Lakers’ shots this season and scored 34 percent of his team’s points.

“I don’t see why they even guard the other guys on this team,” coach Phil Jackson joked before Sunday’s game. “They should all guard him. Five against one.”

In an effort to get the ball moving, Jackson dug up tape of the 1991 NBA Finals between the Bulls and Lakers. That was back in the day when Michael Jordan drew as much attention from opposing defenses as Bryant does now.

“I put it on for the team yesterday to show them exactly what happens in some situations when double-teams occur, and how their spacing has to improve,” Jackson said before Sunday’s game.

“That’s a big key. Michael baited us into double-teams and then moved the ball, only the spacing was good enough that players had wide-open shots. That’s really one of the keys that we’re still learning as a team.”

In the Bulls’ victory Sunday night, Bryant scored 43 of the Lakers’ 93 points and took 34 of their 78 shots.

And no, that is not a misprint. Even though Jackson coached the Bulls in the 1991 Finals, he still referred to the Lakers as “us.”
Also this bit on Pippen mentoring Odom:

Pippen teaches Laker: During Lakers training camp in Hawaii this year, Phil Jackson brought in Scottie Pippen to be an unofficial coach and mentor to Lamar Odom.

“That was amazing,” Odom said. “He was there every practice. He was basically coaching, whether it was from play to play or after practice, just working with me, showing me ways where I can stay aggressive, where I can find my offense.

“A lot of time when practice was over, we’d go over certain aspects of the triangle (offense), talk about them, act them out. It was a blessing.”

Odom is still struggling to put Pippen’s pointers into practice. He was averaging 14.8 points heading into Sunday’s action, a drop from last year, and he scored just 6 in the Lakers’ 96-93 loss.

“I’ve got his phone number,” Odom added. “I’m going to call him soon, just to pick his brain for some more information, try to find my way through the offense.”
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