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Settle an arguement: Would Pippen have resigned with the Bulls?

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After the second three-peat, would Pippen have signed a Max contract with the Bulls if it had been offered?

Second, given that Houston was able to trade him one year into the contract, the contract ends next year, and the best free agent that we signed was Brad Miller, does anyone think that perhaps we should have signed him?

p.s. I must admit I am bored waiting for draft day.
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That's sort of a tough point to argue either way. Remember, all of the initial negotiations with the Bulls took place before the new collective bargaining agreement. At that time, Pippen wanted a long term deal, and management only wanted him for another two years I think. Pippen demanded a trade at midseason because of that, though he backed off that demand after a scolding from MJ and Phil. Some people think he delayed coming back from foot surgery to put pressure on management.

Anyway, the decision not to retain Scottie was made before such things as a max contract and a sign-and-trade were ever conceived, and the wheels of rebuilding had already started turning by the time the lockout finished, so it's a moot point. I'll tell you this much, though. If we had resigned Scottie for what he wanted under the old CBA, we wouldn't have been able to trade him for a bag of peanuts one year later.
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Don't forget Roy Rogers. That guy was a beast on the block:laugh:
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